The creation of a documentary archive on Saint Leonard


On 18th November 2017 Alain Darbon, mayor of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, and Michel Defaye, president of the Confraternity of Saint Leonard, signed a convention creating a documentary archive on Saint Léonard at the municipal library of Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat.

The vocation of this archive is to collect, at an international level, all the works whether they be literary and historical, artistic depictions, songs or audio-visual representations of Saint Leonard.

This archive already contains some 30 titles (books on the history of the Saint, of his following and other documented reference books published by the “Saint Leonards” throughout Europe). To consult this site:

If you wish to have access to the documents in the archive, on the web page choose ‘Nouveautés par catégories’(new material by category) then ‘fonds local Confrérie de saint Léonard’ (basis of local information of the confraternity of Saint Leonard).

To have access to a particular document contained in the archive choose ‘Nouveautés par catégories’ on the welcome page then ‘Recherche simple’ and formulate a title or a key word for the required document.

To transmit your documents contact fil-leo at the following address:  reference ‘fonds documentaire saint Lé


“Saint-Léonard, une paroisse, un quartier, une histoire...“ Par Maurice et Paule Lignel (2008 ?)

The book explains the history of the parish and the neighbourhood of St Léonard d’Angers (France)


“Storia della mia Parrocchia e dè suoi luoghi principali“ By Davide Perversi, from the parish of St Leonardo di Linarolo e Valle salimbene (Pavie,Italy)


“Il Tesoro di San Leonardo nella Chiesa Madre di Mascali“ By Sergio Intorre (Sicily, Italy)

A book presented to the town of St-Léonard-deNoblat by the Confraternity San Leonardo de Mascali.


“L’oeuvre Saint Léonard du Chanoine Villion en faveur des libérés de prison“ By Dr Paul Laffly (Editions du Poutan, 2013)

This book presents the history of the work carried out at Couzon au Mont d’Or in 1864 by Canon Villion, and its evolution in 1966 when its activities were widened to include the handicapped.


“Hebertsfelden, Eine Gemeinde auf dem Weg ins 21. Jahrhundert“ By Hans Maier ( 2000)

A photo album with old photos of Hebertsfelden (Bavaria, Germany) covering all of the 20th century. It includes a photo of an oratory to St Leonard on the site of a church now destroyed. This book is published by the congregation of St Leonard on Niedernkirchen.


“Souvenirs de Groix et d’ailleurs…”

Parish bulletin n°101 of the Ile de Groix (France)


This work presents, among other things, the restoration of the Chapel of St Leonard de Quelhuit


“L’Eglise Saint-Leonard àZoutleeuw (Léau)” (Belgium)

By E.Vandeput 1991, translated by Mme Talpaert B.

After an historic overview the book describes the Church of St Leonard and other important sites of the town.

Iconography: a collection of more than 3000 representations of Saint Leonard

Patrick Brissard is a member of the Confraternity of Saint Leonard who has collected paintings and other images of Saint Leonard from the 18th century up to the present coming from all over Europe : illuminations, paintings, statues, stained glass, ceramics and other sculptures.


His outstanding collection contains more than 3000 elements, which allow us to follow the evolution over time and the different ways of expressing devotion between countries. One can observe the variety of artistic influences, the changes in vestments corresponding to the various functions attributed to Saint Leonard

Patrick Brissard has made a selection of the most representative of these works along with a commentary on his collection in the form of several ‘diaporamas’ which can be consulted at the municipal library of Saint Leonard de Noblat.


His collection can also be seen in its entirety. It is also available at :