28th October2018, at Niedernkirchen (district of lower Bavaria of Rottal-Inn, Germany), celebration of the feast of Saint Leonard and the 95th anniversary of the celebrations organised annually in honour of the saint.


6th November, the traditional date of the feast of Saint Leonard in calendars , celebrations and  

festivities in numerous communities which bear his name.


11th November, in Lenartov, Slovenia, a mass is celebrated in the parish church dedicated to Saint Leonard.


Between 11th and 18th November, at Saint-

Léeonard-de-Noblat, (France), the festivities surrounding St Leonard and the game of the ‘Quintaine’. During this equestrian game riders on horseback, armed with clubs, destroy a model of a prison in wood.


From 20th to 28th November 2018 the participation of a delegation from St-Leonard-de-

Noblat in Séguénéga (Burkina Faso) and a visit to Kossouka where there is a chapel dedicated to Saint



 The International Federation of Associations and Places dedicated to Saint Leonard was created in May 2017 at the initiative of twenty delegations from France and other parts of Europe who came to the city of Saint Leonard de Noblat on the occasion of the Ostensions in 2016 .

The Ostensions have taken place every seven years, over many centuries. The aim was to create a clearer frame-work  to the existing informal relationships which had unified them up to that moment thus allowing other communities to be made aware of this relationship and to encourage them to join in the project.



There are three main aims:


Becoming Aware


                  Creating a link

          Developing a  network

Encourage an awareness of Saint Leonard by recounting his story and his influence in an international sense and his Intervention with regard to heritage and culture.

Welcome all those throughout the world who are dedicated to Saint Leonard, who share his values no matter in what form or status (associations, towns, parishes, confraternities...)


Create a real network between these groups which encourages the development of links, the organisation of  contacts and exchanges as well as the sharing of experiences.


 The headquarters of the International Federation is at Saint Léonard de Noblat in Haute Vienne (France) which is the town where the tomb of Saint Leonard is to be found.


If you are interested in Saint Leonard, his works and places associated with him, find out more by consulting this site.



If you live in a place which is dedicated to him, or you know of a movement, a group or an association which bears his name, and you would like to talk about it, get in contact with us.