Beek en Donk


The photos and the texts of each place or parish or association dedicated to Saint Leonard are edited by their representatives

who have accepted to appear in these documents.

 Beek en Donk, Gilde Sint Leonardus de Donk      

Aangesloten bij de Noord-Brabantse Federatie van Schuttersgilden


Secretariaat: Margrietstraat 5, 5741 XK Beek en Donk


What is the “Gilde” Saint Leonard?

The “
schutterij of het schuttersgilde”  was a local group, a brotherhood, founded in the Middle Ages, consisting of citizens, to protect their town or village. They also kept themselves busy with maintaining order and had a strong bond with the ecclesiastical and secular government.
Furthermore, they also had a social aspect to help the poor, financial and special with food.

The pattern of the “Gilde” in Beek en Donk is Saint Leonard of Noblat. His image is centrally on the banner of the  “Gilde” ” Saint Leonard. In 1422 a chapel was built on the Donck dedicated to the Saint Leonard, and immediately a lively devotion arose for Saint Leonard. Many pilgrims from everywhere came to the Donck to worship Saint Leonard.

The chapel got neglected  due to wars and changes in religion, but in 1979 the “Gildebroeders”  built a new chapel. Every year an open air celebration will be held on the last Sunday of May. The chapel is open daily and is frequently visited by many people.

In our modern times, “Gilde” has become an association and keep their selves busy with waving flags, drums, and shooting “Brabants wipschieten”. The “Gilde” Saint Leonard wants to be more than a folklore association, and wants also to be social evolved in the community. Together with the scouts they have a foundation called Charities Laarbeek. Organizing activities such as a bike ride on
Pentecost  Monday. With the money that will be collected , projects will be supported to help disadvantaged people.

The “Gilde” Saint Leonard also has a shooting facility where they have shooting contests, but the most important thing is : social contact with “Gilde” brothers “Gilde” sisters and friends. Highlights are undoubtedly the “Gildefeesten”  with its competitions for waving flags, drums and shooting and the celebration of anniversaries.

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An image of the St Leonardus chapel on the Donk. Signed by Jan de Beijen 1742. The parish archive of De Donk has a parchment of 6 May 1422 in which the foundation of St. Leonard's Chapel is described .by Gooswijn, named Model van der Donck. The Chapel is gone somewhere in 1800 and in 1978 the members (gildebroeders) of the Gilde Sint Leonardus built a new one.


















               This Photo is made 6 November 2017.

The Chapel is built by the members of Gilde Sint Leonardus in 1978.